Sunday, March 25, 2007

My baby is not Skeletor!

So maybe you noticed that Corbett dropped the ball on the whole blog thing. I was telling him I was going to take it over and I think he got scared that I would girl it up too much, so he hurried and posted our baby news before I could get to it. Being a typical boy, he didn't think anyone would want to see naked baby, but the people have spoken! So here's our boy!
We saw a much better view of this, but the tech didn't take a picture at the exact moment. You can see the baby's foot/toes on the left, and the whiter circle on the left is his "turtle", as Dave has begun to say. I'm almost 21 weeks right now, and the baby is due August 8. He was not expected, but he's very welcome! We had given up our seat on "the emotional roller coaster" (as Dave calls it), and it's kind of funny that with all the drama we had last year that this pregnancy would happen so easily. But needless to say, we are EXCITED! I had morning sickness pretty much all day for the first few months, but more than that, I was SO tired. I would literally get home from school at 4:30 and be in bed by 5:00. I started to come back to life a couple of weeks ago, and was surprised to find out that it was already March. I was also surprised to find that my clothes didn't fit anymore! My belly is HUGE, people! At least people at work are figuring out now that it's because I'm pregnant and not because I ate too much ice cream.

But we have no idea what to name this baby! In fact, we are taking suggestions. So send us your best! Don't worry, Lemonjello is already at the top of the list (that's Le-MON-j'lo for those of you that don't know). Dave's vote is for Skeletor (yes, that is a picture of my baby's skull), but I'll only go for that as a middle name.

I'm not going to teach next year, but I am seriously considering starting a preschool. I think it would be very satisfying, so I hope it works out. I am going to miss teaching, but I am very excited to be a stay-at-home mommy and go to the bathroom when I need to instead of having to wait until recess.

Here's the baby's face and hand:

Baby Corbett likes to cross his ankles! How cute!
You can see his profile and chest here. You can even make out his little ears! I'm pretty sure I have the cutest baby EVER!


Pankratz Family said...

Maybe you could name him Cosmo, after the cougar mascot. My mom just gave us a kids book about Cosmo...Lavell Edwards and his wife wrote it. (I'm not sure on the spelling of that name...and Briel misplaced the book...)Anyway...thanks for letting us see the pictures! And "girly" blogs are good, too! Craig has his own, so maybe he was trying to tell me something. :) Just kidding... And of course your baby is the cutest one ever! That's how we all feel about our own! :)

K&B Brown said...

Cosmo Corbett, that does have a nice ring to it (and I'm sure Dave would be proud). I am so glad you posted the photos and August in AZ wow. How hot does it get there?
If I ever have a boy again his name will be Seth David (I know not an 'A' name but really the other 'A' names that I like are already cousins' names). I will be thinking about names for you.

Lulucarrot said...

How about Frodo? Mike calls my children in utero Frodo until they come out as girls. Frodo, Luke, Obi-wan, and don't forget Shmeigel. Good ones if you ask me. We are so happy for you guys. Maybe we can meet up in Vegas sometime this summer before you pop.

wurtzfam said...

Congratulations on the baby!!