Sunday, November 25, 2007

4th and 18

I hung my head in disbelief after watching Utah take the lead with their only touchdown of the day with 1:30 remaining in the game. When Max Hall recovered his own fumble for an 8 yard loss, I felt somewhat hopeful that the first down could come. But then, after two straight incompletions, I became despondent--inconsolable. Then came the play.

4th and 18 from the BYU 12. Max Hall drops back, gets flushed from the pocket, runs to his right. "Okay," I thought, "buying a little time." Then he hurled this sort of jump pass down the sideline. "It's over," I thought, "we should have just kicked the field goal." When Austin Collie came into view on the right side of the screen, "Just keep it in bounds," I thought. What a beautiful sight: a 49 yard pass play on 4th and 18.

"We're going to win," I thought, "Go Cougars!"


K&B Brown said...

That was a great ending to a so-so game. I just wanted a couple touchdowns (by the Cougs, of course) in the first half.
Last year's game was more intense I thought.
We are so excited for the San Diego game on Saturday!

Craig said...

This year, I watched the game with several BYU fans and one lone Ute fan. I'll tell you, seeing a broken-hearted Ute fan, who is also your friend, moping on the couch by you sure takes the fun out of a good win. Yep, he's the sole Ute fan who isn't annoying.

I wanted to gloat but I couldn't.

Besides that, it sure felt good to win.