Sunday, August 24, 2008

Colin T. Corbett is a beauty shop guy

I was talking to my friend Tana on the phone the other day, and I stopped mid-sentence and started laughing at Colin. He found one of my combs that I use to brush his hair with sometimes, and he was over at the tub wetting the comb and then brushing his hair.

Over and over again. It was so funny! I was amazed that he thought to play this game all by himself. I didn't realize how much he paid attention when I brush his hair. I always wet the brush and then get to work, just like Colin imitated. It is so neat to see how much Colin learns from watching his mommy.

Colin is an equal-opportunity brusher: He even brushes his hair with his sand rake. (It makes sense if you think about it, a rake really does look like a comb.) Again, I was amazed at my little boy's reasoning skills. I know every mother thinks her baby is so smart, but I really am proud of Colin.

A side note about the scruffy monkey seen here: I do brush Colin's hair, but it's a hopeless cause. His hair is so fine and most of it is just like bird down! (When I wash his hair, the water just runs off it until I rub it in!) And then he has this long tuft of hair (just like his daddy did when he was little) that doesn't stay in place for more than a few minutes. But the beauty shop guy is getting his first hair cut tomorrow- I think he's going to enjoy it!

P.S. Two gold stars to the first person to name that obscure reference in the title!


karin said...

So cute. I am amazed (and sometimes embarrassed) at the things my boys just pick up on.

sbenton21 said...

He is precious, as always! And go ahead and give me those gold stars, because that title is just like the Junie B. Jones book! The things you know from being an elementary school teacher...

mistyp said...

Yep, they watch everything we do. Micah likes to pretend to spray hairspray on everyone. ;) Such a cute kid you have! Wish mine had as much fine hair as yours does!

Lulucarrot said...

He is getting so big!