Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A choice experience . . .

At the bottom of the Grand Canyon, halfway between Kingman and Flagstaff, lies the tiny Native American village of Supai. There are only two ways of entering, both involve leaving your car at the top of the canyon. You can either hike about 8 miles through the canyon or take a ride in a helicopter.

We flew into Supai on this helicopter. This was our view:

There is a small congregation of the Church in this village. Members of the Church are flown in 3 times a month to speak during Sacrament Meeting. Cambrea and I were chosen to speak this weekend. We chose to speak on putting on the whole armor of God. After we landed, we walked about 1/2 mile to the little chapel in the middle of the woods.

As I reached the pulpit, I took just a moment to look out of the window. The view from the window showed nothing but green grass, beautiful trees, and gliding birds against a red and black rock backdrop. Here are some pictures I took from the porch:

It was a little room with standing room only for the 70+ congregation numbers. With a view from the window free of the marks of civilization and a room not aided by a microphone, the message, really the whole experience, felt purer, cleaner. For a brief moment, I felt how Brother Joseph must have felt as he preached in small chapels throughout Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois.

To top it off, after I gave me talk, a young man walked up to me with his wife and said, "Hermano Corbett, how are you?" He was one of the young missionaries that I had taught about 4 years ago in the MTC. What are the odds? As we talked about the MTC, there was only one thing that he specifically remembered. No, it wasn't my teaching, but one of my wife's delicious apple pies. I guess one was more forgetable than the other.


K&B Brown said...

What a great experience! What a wonderful way to see the Grand Canyon, then to top it off with feeling the spirit and seeing someone from the MTC.

The Nielsens said...

What a great post!! It sounds like a truly memorable experience. Thanks for sharing.

mpankratz said...

Wow! What an amazing experience! I don't know if I could handle living there or flying in to speak!!! :) Guess I'm a chicken. Sounds neat though! :) Cambrea looks cute pregnant, still. :) Oh, and I guess none of Craig's missionaries will remember him.... However, I think Craig told me I COULDN'T send treats with him to class. I DID think of it. :)

Garlic Boy said...

Holy! That is awesome. Lucky!

Craig Pankratz said...


Remember that essay about Joseph Smith you were going to write? I thought since this Wednesday is the 163rd anniversary of his martyrdom it would be a perfect day to post it on my blog. Send it to me as soon as you can, if you can.