Sunday, May 6, 2007

Things I Love About Dave

So I was reading everyone else's blogs today and I couldn't get over how big everybody's kids are and how grown up they all look. (Dave was especially wowed by Rebekah Wansgaard's hair because last time he saw her she was "rockin' the baby mullet." That's him, Jen, not me!) It sure made me anxious to have my baby so I have something interesting to post, but then I realized Corbett provides me with plenty of entertainment around here. So here is my "Things I love about Dave/Poke gentle fun at him while I'm at it" post.

One of the things I love the most about Dave is how much he needs me. We're not sure how he ever left the house before we got married because he always needs me to tell him where his keys are or where he left his cell phone. He just walks around with stuff and sets it down without thinking. Well, the other day, we were sitting down to watch American Idol, and we could not find the remote ANYWHERE. We knew Corbett used it that morning, so we started looking in all the random places we could think of. We finally gave up and went to watch TV in our bedroom. A while later, I got up to let the dogs in, and here's what I saw:

Apparently it sat outside all day.

Another thing that I love about Dave is the way he eats crunchy stuff. I'm sitting here listening to him right now. He's eating chips, and he crunches it twice with an open mouth before he closes his mouth and devours the rest. I laughed at him, and even though he knows he does it, he can't help but do it.

Everyone posted their list of obsessions- well, here's mine:
#1-5 How much weight I've gained since becoming pregnant and how much more I have to go.
So one of the things that I love the most about Dave is how he can look at my big, fat belly and not make me feel guilty because I had TWO pieces of cake last night. In fact, here's my big, fat belly at 26 weeks:

Seriously, though, I am really enjoying pregnancy. When we found out we were having a boy, I asked the ultrasound tech if she could see a soccer ball in there because I knew Dave was mentally reserving every weekend to go to our baby's sporting events. She laughed, but I seriously think the baby is kicking something around in there. It's kind of fun right now because now we can see him kick through my stomach and feel actual body parts moving. He really likes chocolate milk and Spicy Nacho Doritoes- just like his momma and daddy!


K&B Brown said...

That is great. I read the part about the remote to Bryan and laughed out loud.

I am glad you posted a pregnancy pictures. You look really good.
And honestly, I gained about 50lbs (I lost track near the end it was too depressing) with Adam and I lost it and then some. So don't worry about the weight. I eat lots now but I don't have the excuse of being pregnant (seriously I have second dinner and dessert).

Lulucarrot said...

CAM!!!! You look so pretty pregnant! I dont see any weight. I ate like crazy with Savannah and gained 40 lbs. I worked out and watched it with Caro, I gained 40 lbs. Have the second piece of cake, love.

Pankratz Family said...

You really do look pretty, being pregnant!!! I'm wondering where the big stomach was you mentioned... And like Erica, I gained 40 pounds with Briel...not exercising much. Then with Micah I exercised at least 5 times a week. I had him a week earlier than what I had Briel, and I gained 38 pounds with him. Go figure! The weight does come off somehow. Just don't get frustrated if it comes off it does for me! (Easier said than done...) That's funny about the remote, too. Thanks for the laugh!

The Nielsens said...


You look BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for posting a picture. It makes it feel like you're here.

Love and Miss you,

Garlic Boy said...

I miss arguing with Dave.