Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Here's to The Mtn.

If BYU dominates a previously undeafeted Air Force team, winning 31-6, and nobody see's it, did it really happen?

Let me throw my hat into the ring of those disgruntled fans that believe the MWC's new deal with CSTV/Comcast/The Mtn. was the worst thing that ever happened to BYU football. Even worse than the trying years under Gary Crowton and the unending suspensions after criminal charges! The fans can't see the games. I can't even get the games on pay-per-view for crying out loud. At least with SportsWest, which, admittedly, had very poor production and distribution in its own right, I could pick up a game on pay-per-view or Game Plan. Now I get nothing for half the season. Cheers to the Comcast lawyers--they wrote a contract so air tight that the MWC and BYU can't even come close to terminating the contract where there is no meaningful distribution of the games. Jeers to the MWC lawyers and Craig Thompson--suckers, blinded by illusory promises.

So here's to 7 years of looking forward to September and Cougar football, then hanging my head in sorrow each Saturday as the Coug's dominate opponents in the dark.


K&B Brown said...

I must confess, we watched it. We beat the system. Bryan bought a Slingbox and we have a friend in Provo hook it up to his TV and we watch it via the Internet. Just an option since many of the games this season are unavailable for those of us not getting the Mtn.

Garlic Boy said...