Thursday, July 3, 2008

We're still around!

So things always seem to be busy, but lately they've seemed to be even more so. Colin is incredibly inquisitive these days, and he insists on opening all the cupboard doors and exploring what's inside. (I know we need to put child locks on all 15 of my kitchen cupboards; it's on the list!) Colin used to think it was funny when Mommy said "no", but now we're seeing the beginnings of a very strong personality who wants to do what he wants to do. So if Mommy won't let him in the cupboards, he'll just climb up on the dishwasher door. No kidding.

Colin and I went to Utah at the end of June while Dave was at a conference in Ohio, and the day after we got back we left to go camping in the Grand Canyon with Dave's family. Fun vacations, but I've just had trouble bouncing back since then. BUT- Slowly, but surely, I'm catching up. I've been trying to catch pictures of Colin's antics lately, but he has learned that the screen on the back of the camera is pretty neat (and also how to take the lens cover off) and so I've been getting a lot of this lately:

Colin has also been struggling cutting a tooth for almost 3 months now, and that darn thing will just not come through! He's becoming quite animated when it comes to discomfort or displeasure. He often growls when he falls down or when he doesn't like something!

I've also been busy teaching preschool and art camp this summer. Colin loves when the kids come over and stands at the window looking for them.

He has started imitating them lately; it's enough to make a momma/teacher proud!

Colin thinks that pointers and markers are pretty much the most fabulous things ever invented, and he carries them around the house all day. He has stashes of markers here and there around the house so he's never too far away!


K&B Brown said...

YEAH! You posted! I wish you lived near me so I could have you be my boys' preschool teacher.

Kimberly said...

Preschool and art camp, huh? That's pretty cool! How many kids - I would love to see a post about it :-) Colin is adorable!

charonfamily said...

Hey. Sounds like you have a Riley jr. on your hands, my condolonces. It's hard when they are in to everything, that is when you really loose all your freedom. Hang in there, you are a great mom! Barb

mistyp said...

He's grown so fast and is so cute! I admire you for teaching while having a kid into everything! I couldn't/ can't do it!