Friday, July 13, 2007

Now that's some police work worth applauding.

The temperature in Kingman is about 105 degrees today. Without any humidity to stop you from drying out, the heat can really wear you down throughout the day. But that is where several Kingman policemen have been standing on our street today to help a family . . .

A new family is moving down the block from our house. People have many fears when moving, including the fear that the movers will play quote a reasonable price then arrive at the destination with a much higher price; when the family can't pay the new, exorbitant fee, the movers then point to something in the contract that they don't have to take their things off the truck until payment is made.

Well, that apparently happened to the new family around the block. I only know one side of the story, but the movers threatened to drive away with their stuff after asking an enormous fee. So the family called the police. They arrived at about 8:30 this morning to stop the trucker from leaving and are still out there now at 5:00. 7.5 hours and counting in the dry heat. The movers weren't willing to share their logs or any information--surprise. So the officers recently returned with a warrant to go over the logs then to go to the scales for a weight measurement.

Great job, guys.

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K&B Brown said...

You don't hear stories like that on the news. I applaud your police.