Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thank goodness for great people!

To help us get ready for the baby, many friends came over today to help us paint the house and prepare the nursery. The work we finished today would have taken us days on our own. Here is a picture and Clay and Celeste Stephens. Clay is standing on a step-ladder, and, as you can see, Celeste is sitting on Clay's shoulders in order to reach the top corner of the kitchen wall.


K&B Brown said...

Those are GREAT people! I will have to keep them in mind when we have high corners that need painting.

Craig Pankratz said...

Red? Red? What are you trying to do, turn your innocent child into a Ute fan?

They better have run out of blue at the hardware store!

Except for the color, the room does look great.

Hope all is well in AZ.

AZ Public Defender said...


It's not that I want the child to become a Ute fan... There was plenty of blue at Sherwin Williams, but we wanted to paint the kitchen red because our kitchen in Texas was red and we really liked it. Everytime Cam walks in there now she says, "It looks like Texas." Trust me, there will be no red in the nursery, his toys, or his clothes if I have anything to say about it.

P.S. Do you think it's a coincidence that Hester Prynne had to wear a scarlet "A" and the Utes have to wear a scarlet "U"? I think not.

Craig Pankratz said...

Alright, as long as the red is a reminder of Texas then it's ok. And I'm glad to know the dry AZ heat hasn't changed your blood's color from blue to red.

In all seriousness, I hope all is well, and the past few months working for the public defenders here in Tyler have increased my respect for you ten fold. I've heard some very interesting experiences from the attorneys I've worked with and am glad there are those who will still stand up for them in court.


Craig Pankratz said...

By "them in court" I mean defendants.

The Nielsens said...

What would the world be like without great friends? I wouldn't want to live in it.

I like the red!!!